Thursday, October 13, 2011

My NEW site

Okay everyone TADA! It's time for the BIG reveal!

The page you are looking at is my new "home" page. Think of it like the front page of the newspaper. It's the new "hub" for all my writing.

1. I'd love for you to follow this site... by e-mail AND as a follower.
     e-mail -- just click in that box; enter your e-mail address; you will receive an e-mail; click on the link located in the e-mail to confirm  your e-mail subscription
     follower -- you will need to create a google ID... but it's not that hard (and tomorrow's reveal will give you a HUGE incentive to become a follower)... just follow the prompts on the screen

2. Right underneath that BIG HUGE name of mine you will find links to my blogs:
     my life as a lesson
     the Kastner's kitchen
     Mrs. Kastner's klass

3. Beneath that you will find the most recent posts for each blog along with a little teaser to tell you what the post is about and help you decide if you wanna click through to read the entire thing (you know you wanna read it!)

4. Under that is a post that tells you the most recent news of my site... that's where you'll find this post.

5. The other stuff is there...
      I *HEART* these blogs
     Twitter feed
     Music Player
     (in)courage badge

Browse around... feel free to leave me a little feedback...

Goodnight all.

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